Unlock Our Baby and Child Safety Master Class with the All-Access Pass
 Unlock Our Baby and Child Safety Master Class with the All-Access Pass

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  Inside Our Baby and Child Safety Master Class 
Learn from the best. Unlimited access. Online, and on-demand. Available 24/7. 
  • How to Create a Safe Sleep Environment
  • ​How to Safely Swaddle Your Baby + Hip Healthy Techniques to Prevent Hip Dislocations and Dysplasia 
  • ​How to Significantly Lower the Risk of SIDS
  • How to Prevent an Accidental Suffocation or Strangulation
  • How to Save a Newborn and Baby from Choking
  • How to Perform Newborn CPR
  • ​How to Perform Baby CPR
  • ​How to Save a Child from Choking
  • ​How to Perform Child CPR
  • ​​​Parent Awareness and the “Million Little Things”
  • ​How to Prevent an Accidental Drowning
  • ​Home and Apartment Fire Safety and Escape Plans
  • Allergic Reactions: Know What To Do in an Emergency
  • ​How and When to Use an EpiPen
  • ​Pediatric First Aid - The Basics
  • ​How to Prevent an Accidental Poisoning
  • ​How to Safely Install a Rear and Forward-Facing Car Seat 
  • Babysitter CPR + Checklist Master Class COMING SOON!
 Our Commitment To You  
As a Member of Our Child’s Keeper, you will receive an Unlimited Access Pass to our Baby and Child Safety Master Class Video Series Membership Site—online, on-demand and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

This Master Class will always be available to you and even your children’s babysitters, grandparents and any caregivers so you’ll always know that anyone who is taking care of your children has the knowledge and life-saving skills it takes to protect and keep your children safe!

We also want you to know that we're here for you as your family grows. Our Master Class will show you how to keep your children safe from birth up to 5+ years old!
 Join us today because the more you know, 
the safer your children will always be!
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